Japanese Crafts Wajima-nuri

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See, touch, and feel the spirit of Japan.

“Wajima-nuri,” an exemplary traditional craft of Japan.

The craftwork involved is, even to this day, performed by hand throughout almost all stages of the process.

Items created by the hand of a craftsman are expressive, and display a warmth not found in mass-produced goods.

At our shop, we welcome our customers with a selection of rich and substantial items, from small tableware to works of art, created at our own workshop.

Please enjoy the “world of lacquerware,” with its combination of both elegance and flamboyance.

輪島塗太王 店舗外観

Wajima-nuri Daiou Japan

2-25-8 Tsukada-machi, Wajima-city, Ishikawa 928-0003 Japan

Japan National Route 249, in front of Hotel Koushu-en

Open every day of the year. 8:30 - 19:00

TEL: +81-768-22-6060

FAX: +81-768-22-6001

We eagerly await your visit!

Japanese Crafts Wajima-nuri

wooden base

Wooden base

The wooden base takes a different shape depending on the application.

Carving and bending the wood and forming it into boxes is carried out by hand by craftsmen who have specialized in each of these techniques.

The optimal wood to create the wooden bases is selected.



Cloth is pasted to the wooden base using lacquer.

Then layers of lacquer on top of this surface mixed with diatomaceous earth are applied on top of this surface.

This unique primer lacquer is what gives Wajima-nuri lacquer its strength.



This is the work of sanding the lacquered surface.

Each new layer of primer must be polished in order to ensure an even surface.

Repeating the lacquering and polishing many times creates a thick layer of lacquer.

top coat

Top coat

The top coat determines the final finish.

Skilled craftsmen apply a coat of pure lacquer, taking special care to be sure that no dirt or dust adheres to its surface.



Patterns are drawn on the lacquered surface with lacquer, and gold and silver powders are sprinkled on before the lacquer hardens.

A diverse variety of decorative techniques allow for multiple expressive possibilities.



Lacquer is rubbed into patterns that have been carved into the lacquered surface using chisels.

Gold and silver are then inlayed into the carved design to create a decorative finish.

The masterful use of point carving and line carving techniques gives rise to delicate expressive possibilities.


Our company is actively involved as a “Nushi-ya” from the planning and production of lacquerware, to retail sales.

With our thorough and detailed quality control facilitated through our own company workshop, we are always able to deliver highly perfected Wajima-nuri items to our customers.

We also handle orders for lacquerware repairs, and production of customized items.

Please feel free to consult us with inquiries.

輪島塗刷毛 輪島塗上塗り

Custom made

We can custom make products tailored to the needs of each customer owing to the skills we have cultivated over many years.

From form to pattern, we talk with customers thoroughly about their orders to deliver the ideal and oone and only Wajima lacquerware.

輪島塗テーブル 輪島塗飾皿